Linda J Salinas

Throughout her entire life, Linda Salinas has comfortably walked between the human kingdom and the animal kingdom. She is both an accomplished Horse Whisperer and an Animal Communicator who believes that we all have the ability to communicate with animals if we quiet our minds and just listen. Linda is also an expert equestrian who teaches Carolyn Resnick’s method of connecting with horses at liberty (The Waterhole Rituals). 

As a student of the horse, Linda recognizes the connection that horses have with humans. Yet time and time again, horses continue to show her that people in general are disconnected from the natural world, from horses, and mostly from themselves. Linda focuses on the disconnect that people have within themselves. She is a gifted teacher who serves to inspire, motivate, empower and ultimately liberate people with the help of the horse so they may enjoy a fully congruent connection with nature, animals, and their true self.

Recently, Linda felt inspired by her horses to launch a series of new retreats/clinics called “Feel To Heal”. The focus of these clinics is to help people connect with their own personal authenticity. Once we have the awareness to truly embrace ALL feelings and emotions that arise from our life experiences, deep healing can begin. Simply put, if you want to feel better, you have to get better at feeling. This integration of mind, body, and spirit fosters feelings of harmony within ourselves, the animal kingdom, and all of nature. "Feel to Heal" clinics provide us with much needed insights to live life as balanced and healthy individuals who can fearlessly shine our light on the world around us. 

Linda conducts both public and private intensive clinics throughout the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, and Europe. When she is not traveling, Linda spends time on her farm in North Carolina with her husband of 40 years. Together they share a menagerie that includes four adult children, two grandchildren, her dog Khaleesi, Kiki the cat, and last but not least, a herd of 8 all-knowing horses.

Nancy Zintsmaster

Nancy Zintsmaster has been a successful entrepreneur for 35 years.  She currently manages beautiful vacation rental homes in Arenal, Costa Rica and is the business manager for Carolyn Resnick, world renowned Liberty Horse Trainer, author of Naked Liberty, creator of The Carolyn Resnick Method and co founder of  Liberty Horse Academy.

Nancy has always had a passion for horses and for helping people.  For many years she had already experienced the joy that horses have to offer but it was not until she began training her rescue horses that she would discover the healing powers that these sentient beings have to offer us all. 

As a way to bring what she loves into her work, Nancy founded Kindred Connections to host all-inclusive Equine, Yoga and Wellness retreats in the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica. These luxurious retreats are held at the Majestic Properties and focus on bringing together like-minded people who want to connect with nature to heal mind, body and soul.

Nancy realizes that many people in today's society are yearning for experiences that take them back to the simplicity that life once had to offer. She feels that many individuals and families have a need to nourish their souls in a peaceful environment. As they are supported by nature they can acquire the tools needed to calm inner turmoil for self-healing to begin. 

Nancy has been studying with Linda Salinas and Carolyn Resnick to perfect her skills in liberty training with The Waterhole Rituals. Through this method of training, Nancy became aware that horses have the ability to reflect a person's inner self which assists us in understanding our true nature. This discovery took her on a journey of personal transformation and ultimately inspired her to co-create Feel to Heal to begin teaching clinics and retreats with her mentor and close friend, Linda Salinas.  

Nancy lives a life of “Pura Vida” with her husband in beautiful El Castillo, Costa Rica. She has two daughters, several grandchildren, two dogs and a herd of 7 special horses.