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Why Feel to Heal



The purpose of Feel to Heal retreats is to empower those who wish to live life to its fullest potential. We nurture unconditional love for ourselves and others, share our strengths and accept our weaknesses as spiritual beings in a physical world. We will support you in your journey to authenticity where you can live a life of congruency and balance.


"There is a force greater than yourself that is connected and runs through all of life. It will be your companion and guide as you learn to listen to your wisdom within."


If you want to feel better, you have to get better at feeling

“Feel to Heal” retreats provide the opportunity for individuals and families to reconnect with themselves and renew their spirit in the company of like-minded souls. Our retreats provide a haven for those who are seeking acceptance, joy, compassion, and love as they learn to live in the present moment. 

We will help you integrate mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of healing that will enhance your personal growth. You will enjoy a glorious environment filled with a variety of options which include fresh, healthy foods to nourish the body, candlelight, music, flowers, yoga and massage to soothe the senses, along with bonfires, Jacuzzis, horses, and adventure to nourish your spirit. Nancy, and I are delighted to be working together. We, along with the horses, will guide you in this life-changing journey of self-realization as you learn, grow and “FEEL TO HEAL”. Horses never fail to reflect our true nature. Through their eyes, you can reconnect with yourself, ignite your passions, become empowered, and create the life of your dreams. We hope you will join us soon!